1.Pain never really goes away; you just elevate and get used to it by growing stronger. 疼痛永远不会消失,只是你自己努力坚强地去习惯了它。

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2.Today you do things people will not do,tomorrow you will do things people can not do. 你今天做别人不愿做的事,明天就能做别人做不到的事。

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3.Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and reverence - the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.有两件事我愈是思考,心中就愈充满惊叹与敬畏 - 我头顶上的星空与我内心的道德准则。

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4.Single hand that wipes tears during failures is much better than countless hands that come together to clap on success.失败时有人伸出一只手来为你擦泪,会好过成功时无数人伸手为你鼓掌。

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5.May there be enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset.愿你的生命中有足够的云翳,来造成一个美丽的黄昏。

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6.The traveller has to knock at every alien door to come to his own, and one has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end.旅客要在每一个生人门口敲叩,才能敲到自己的家门,人要在外面到处漂流,最后才能走到最深的内殿。

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7.A bird is safe in its nest — but that is not what its wings are made for.小鸟在巢中最安全,但翅膀可不是为此而生的。

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8.The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability. 生活唯一可预知的正是其不可预知性。

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9.We shouldn’t blame, laugh at and envy anyone. We should be colorful in the sunshine, run in the winds and rains, dream your own dreams and go your own way.不埋怨谁,不嘲笑谁,也不羡慕谁,阳光下灿烂,风雨中奔跑,做自己的梦,走自己的路

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10.Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us. 生命是一束纯净的火焰,我们依靠自己内心看不见的太阳而存在.

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11.Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour 把握在你手心里的就是无限,永恒也就消融于一个时辰。

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12.Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.生活教会我们,爱并不在于长久地凝视,而在于眺望远方同一方向的希望。

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13.A great teacher has little external history to record. His life goes over into other lives.一名真正伟大的教师没有什么可供名垂青史的。他的生命都用来影响到他人的人生轨迹中去。

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14.The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.事实是,每个人最终都会伤害你,你只是需要找到那个值得你去承受这一切的人.

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