1.Learn to choose, to forsake, to endure loneliness, to resist temptation. 懂得选择,学会放弃,耐得住寂寞,经得起诱惑。

2.Even if the road is not flat also should make oneself of the sun. 就算路不坦荡 也要做自己的太阳。

3.As long as you are willing to work hard, you will definitely get the life you want. 只要你肯坚持肯努力,一定会得到自己想要的生活。

4.If you see the shadow in front of, don't be afraid, that's because you have the sun behind. 如果你看到前面的阴影,别怕,那是因为你背后有阳光。

5. Most fortunate in my life two things, one is finally the time I love you exhausted. One a long time ago that one day I met you. 我一生中最幸运的两件事,一件是时间终于将我对你的爱消耗殆尽。一件是很久很久以前有一天,我遇见你。

6.I like people who make me laugh in spite of myself. 我喜欢那些让我笑起来的人,就算是我不想笑的时候。

7. Sea birds and fish love, just an accident. 海鸟和鱼的相爱,只是一场意外。

8. Never expect, never assume, and never demand. Just let it be, because if it's meant to be, it will happen the way you want it to. 永不期待,永不假设,永不强求。顺其自然,若是注定发生,必会如你所愿。

9.Today is an opportunity to get better.Don't waste it. 今天是一个让一切变得更好的机会,别浪费。

10.Life is like flowers, because everyone blooms at different times. 生命就像一朵朵花,每个人都在不同的时间绽放。

致自己的英文文案简短励志带翻译 很唯美温柔的爱情句子20211

11.Every man dies, not every man really lives. 每个人都会死去, 但不是每个人都曾经真正活过。

12.No matter what happens, you should be able to settle down. 无论遇到什么情况,也要能安顿好自己心情。

13. Life is limited, we can do is just to make yourself happy some time in their lifetime. 人生是有限的,我们所能做的只不过是在有生之年让自己过的高兴些罢了。

14. You don't need to look up to others, for you yourself are a spectacle. 不必仰望别人,自己也是风景。

15. After doing my best, I chose to follow the lead. 尽力之后,我选择随缘。

16.Like is different from love.喜欢和爱不一样。

17.It is not the same nature to take from oneself and give to others automatically.自己索取给别人自动给的性质不一样。

18.Girls should protect themselves when they go out.女孩子出门在外要保护自己。

19.If you want to live the life you want, you can only work hard.要想过上自己想要的生活只能自己努力。

20.It's not natural for boys to pay the bill.男孩子买单不是理所应当。

致自己的英文文案简短励志带翻译 很唯美温柔的爱情句子20212

21.I really envy children when I grow up.长大后真的好羡慕小孩子。

22.I want you to be happy. But I want to be the reason. 我想要你幸福,但我希望我是你幸福的原因。

23.Attempt doesn't necessarily bring success, but giving up definitely leads to failure. 努力不一定成功,但放弃一定失败!

24.listenSmellFarawayThere you are.(听闻远方有你)Move and trudgeThousands of miles(动竟跋涉千里)I've blown the wind that you've blown(我吹过你吹过的风)

25.The Buddha said that if we do not see each other, how can we owe?佛说若无相见何来亏欠。

26.The husband and wife of this world come to renew the love of the past life.今世的夫妻来续前世为续完的情。

27.I love you, do you know?我爱你,你可知道吗。

28.In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. 要做到不可替代,就要与众不同。

29.Dare to try, means you have already taken the first step to success. 敢于尝试,就等于你已经向成功迈出了第一步。

30.The best feeling in the world is when you know your heart is smiling. 世间最美好的感受,就是发现自己的心在笑。