1.Die bunte Welt, nicht zu ernst nehmen 花花世界 不必当真。

2.No words are necessary between two loving hearts两颗相爱的心之间不需要言语。

3.Texte de la blonde, mais je dis 文字的苍白无力 诉说着我的无奈。

4.People grow up in ways they don't like the most 人总是会以自己最不喜欢的方式成熟。

5.I love you, you can't see these years 我爱你,在你看不到的这些年。

6.If we wait for the right person, whether to a lifetime alone假如我们等不到对的人,是不是要一辈子孤单。

7.Since know, why so sensational 既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情。

8.Crowded accidentaly across not anymore 人潮拥挤再也不会不期而遇。

9.You are everything, you out when you're all is you 你在时你是一切,你不在时一切是你。

10.You will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don’t kvetch for it if it doesn’t appear in your life 命里有时终需有,命里无时莫强求。

11.When a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt当香烟爱上火柴时,就注定受到伤害。

12.The best way to make someone strong is to have someone needs to be protected 让一个人变强大的最好方式,就是拥有一个想要保护的人。

感情受伤的英文句子2018最新 简短心痛的英语句子越短越好1

13.Thank you for comforting me when I’m sad 感谢你在我伤心时安慰我。

14.Some love can not insist we can only give up chic 有些爱,不能坚持,即使不舍,也只能够潇洒放弃。

15.Some habits, however, was to change 有些习惯,无论如何都改不了。

16.Cried enough, you will go, injury will be good哭过了就好了,你都会走的,伤也会好的。

17.I will be strong enough to make you feel bad我会坚强到让你们心疼。

18.Never leave your key of happiness in someone elses pocket永远不要把自己通往幸福的钥匙放到别人的口袋

19.Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons不回头,只是还没找到留下的理由。

20.Side to give up, while love you 一边放弃,一边爱你。

21.Look into my eyes,you will see what you mean to me看看我的眼睛,你会发现你对我而言意味着什么。

22.If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered 如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。

23.If I know what love is, it is because of you因为你,我懂得了爱。

24.If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me如果没有相等的爱,那就让我爱多一些吧。

感情受伤的英文句子2018最新 简短心痛的英语句子越短越好2

25.Distance makes the hearts grow fonder距离使两颗心靠得更近。

26.Love without you is like looking for the sun on a rainy day没有你的爱,就像在雨天里寻找太阳。

27.Nobody hurts children, are doomed to oneself hold up one day没人疼的孩子,注定要自己撑起一片天。

28.Not crave forever, because too far不奢求永远,因为太远。

29.Don't need better than it is now, just now so good不需要比现在好,只要现在这样就好。

30.I want someone to be afraid of losing me我希望,会有人害怕失去我。

31.From meet to leave, I owe myself a lot, don't owe you anything 从相遇到离开,我欠自己良多,不欠你分毫。

32.What time did you let me into your heart你什么时候才能让我进入你的心。

33.Some people will have to learn how to appreciate you by losing you总有些人在失去你以后才会懂得你的好。

34.Loneliness is a beautiful thought, and only in the thinking of the time, it looked so beautiful and lonely思念是一种美丽的孤独,也只有在思念的时候,孤独才显得如此美丽。

35.Ten love nine sorrowTen memories nine injuries 听闻爱情,十有九悲,听闻过往,十忆九伤。