1.The last we all lost to the reality.最后我们都输给了现实。

2.Love isn\'t hard to find, trust is.难找的不是爱,是信任。

3.Did not say that is more than sad.没有说出口的何止是心酸。

4.Time cut scar is called growth.时间划破的伤疤叫做成长。

5.Sometimes, I feel like a little girl who needs protection. 有时候,我觉得自己跟个小女孩似的,渴望有人保护。

6.Love, or love, all love each other. 爱,或者被爱,都不如相爱。

7.I can go away when I cry. 放心吧 等我哭够了 就会走了。

伤感唯美英文句子带翻译 最扎心的英文句子合集1

8.Goodbye my almost lover .再见了,我无缘的爱人。

9.Life is full of sparkling moments waiting for us to discover. 生命中充满了闪光点,只是在等你去发现。

10.Nothing has gonna change my love for you.没有什么能改变我对你的爱。

11.I love you even if you fall in love with another of her.我喜欢你 哪怕你爱上了另一个她。

12.Life, half is memory, half is to continue. 生活,一半是回忆,一半是继续。

13.Both happiness and sadness in our life would fade away with time. 生命中无论快乐还是悲伤,终将随时光消失。

14.I tried so hard to let you go.我已经如此努力放手让你走。

15.I am not happy without you .没有你我不快乐。

16.A kiss begins a drop of tears.一个吻开始 一滴泪结束。

17.Time will help you save your disappointment and tell you no thanks. 时间会帮你攒够失望,并告诉你不用谢。

伤感唯美英文句子带翻译 最扎心的英文句子合集2

18.I hope the right person will come to you in the end. 愿对的人最终不远万里来到你的身边。

19.Say sorry to yourself because you were once tough to yourself for someone. 跟自己说声对不起,因为曾经为了别人难为了自己。

20.Mention you again,It's already a family name. 再次提起你,已是连名带姓。

21.Most want is you, the most do not want to bother is also you. 最想的是你,最不想打扰的也是你。

22.No true heart,no broken heart.没有掏心掏肺,就不会撕心裂肺。

23.No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.没有谁对不起谁,只有谁不懂得珍惜谁。

24.People can be disappointed to what extent, but repeatedly refresh. 人能失望到什么程度,却屡屡刷新。

25.Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul.当我一无所有,遍体鳞伤,你是否爱我如故。

26.If I change shape, and you forget the time.若不是我变了摸样,便是你淡忘了时光。

27.Life is your own, please dress up and be lovely as much as you like. 生活是自己的,尽情打扮,尽情可爱。